Moon Prism Power Make Up! Let’s be honest, who didn’t like Sailor Moon as a kid? Sailor Moon has been my favorite Anime when I was young. So, when I saw this eyeliner in Japan I just had to buy it. Look at the packaging and the eyeliner itself. It is so cute and pretty. There is no way I would have been able to resist buying it.


You can choose between the Moon Stick (which I bought) and the Cutie Moon Rod. The ones with a wand cap only come in black which was fine with me because I only use black eyeliners. It is very easy to put the wand cap on top of the liner. It won’t come off unless you pull it off which is great because you won’t accidentally lose it.


Isn’t it super pretty? <3 There is even the silhouette of Sailor Moon and Luna printed around it.


This eyeliner comes as a eyeliner pen. I usually use gel eyeliners and don’t like the eyeliner pens that much but I bought it anyway. It has a brush tip that is very thin so you can easily draw very thin lines.


I didn’t have any expectations at all. I only bought it because I liked the design.



It was very hard to draw a thicker line with it. I needed multiple strokes to get an even result. I also didn’t like the shimmery finish beause it looks like it hasn’t completely dried. The good thing is that it dried quickly and it didn’t smudge at all even after I tried rubbing it off my hand. It is also waterproof and only comes off with warm water or makeup remover. I bought this eyeliner at IT’S DEMO (Sunshine City Tokyo) for around 1600¥ (~16$). To be honest, I don’t like this eye liner very much. There are definitely better ones out there but it is still a cute decorative item and that was the reason I bought it in the first place. If you don’t live in Japan and won’t travel there anytime soon you can also order it online. I found it on amazon (25$) and ebay (23$+ free international shipping).



I hope this review was helpful.


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