As you might know I am a huge fan of BB creams and I am constantly trying new products. Good for you because you will get many reviews out of my beauty product addiction. So today I want to share my experience with the Holika Holika Face 2 Change Liquid Roller BB. I wasn’t really sure if I should order it because it comes with a roller and I usually apply BB creams and foundations with a beauty blender. On the other hand, I like things that are a little different and innovative so I gave it a try.

This BB cream claims to have whitening and anti-aging properties and even has SPF30/ PA++. It comes as a roller with a removable sponge that you should wash frequently to avoid spreading bacteria all over your face. There is also an extra sponge inside the packaging. In order to apply it you have to press a button so that the BB cream can get onto the sponge. It is very easy to apply, I didn’t have to use my beauty blender; the roller was good enough. You can choose between 2 shades; #21 light beige and #23 natural beige. I ordered light beige and it was perfect for my skin tone. My face feels very sticky after applying this product but it gets completely  absorbed within 1-2 minutes and after that it feels very smooth. The coverage is amazing. I only needed one layer to cover blemishes. It is very lightweight and does neither dry out my skin nor increase the oil production. Even though it is long lasting it got very cakey after a light workout. Since it is winter here in Germany I always wear the products when working out as well to see how well they deal with a bit of sweat on my face. So I am not sure if this is the right product for hot and humid summer days. Besides the last aspect there was another thing that I didn’t like very much: the scent. It is heavily perfumed and I don’t like the scent at all. It was so bad that I instantly checked the expiration date because I thought it had expired years ago. This is really disappointing because the coverage is amazing but the scent bothers me a lot. I didn’t notice it anymore after a few minutes but I still felt a little uncomfortable. I ordered it on Jolse (10.56$+ free shipping). You can also find it on Beautynetkorea or ebay for a similar price. I hope that this review was helpful.


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