P1020636Every women has her guilty pleasure. Mine is buying too many lip sticks. No matter how happy I am with my current lipstick I always feel the urge to try different ones. I am constantly looking for one that lasts longer, doesn’t dry my lips as much and comes in many different shades. Sounds familiar? I really hope that I am not the only one.

The good news about all this is: You will get a lot of reviews about lipsticks, yay!

I recently came across the NYX matte lipsticks. They come in 45 different shades (yes, 45!)  and only cost around 7.99€ (5.99$ at target). That is very cheap for a lipstick that promises to be highly pigmented and long lasting. So, do they keep their promise? I tested the shades Tea Rose a soft pink shade and Eden a bright shade.P1020634

The pigmentation is definitely amazing. I love both shades, especially Tea Rose is perfect for my pale skin. The texture is very creamy and not as drying as other matte lipsticks. And the best part: they last forever and there is no smudging. Even after eating and drinking there will be a lot of color left on your lips so that you don’t need to reaplly it. The price is unbeatable, they are long lasting and highly pigmented; I can highly recommend them I’ll definitely try other shades as well.





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